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General Information

Parental consent for School to administer medication 

Please complete the parental consent form below if your child will need medication (aside from an asthma inhaler or Epipen) during the school day.  A paper copy can be provided if needed. It is our policy to only administer medicine which has been prescribed and is necessary to be given within the school day.


Emergency Closure (including winter weather plan)

If the school closes due to bad weather, or any other reason, we will contact parents by ParentMail text, so please let us know if you change your number.  

We will also tweet/post the information on our social media platforms as well as on the front page of our school website. 

We will also endeavour to contact local radio stations.

If it snows overnight we will make a decision by 8am.  If it starts to snow heavily during the day and we need to close school early, we will send a text asking you to collect your children as soon as possible, and make the information available on the school website. Please be assured in these circumstances all children will be looked after until they are able to be collected.



Most parents park on the road along by the church wall or at the front of school.  The managers at The New Inn kindly allow us to use their car park at drop off and pick up times, but please park considerately and ensure that you do not park in their staff parking spaces or block anyone in.

We try very hard to keep a good relationship with Kidmore End villagers and to this end we ask all parents to park sensibly on the village roads, enabling the free flow of through traffic at all times.  

Be safe:

  • The yellow zig-zag lines at the school entrances are there to ensure a safe walking route to school for children.  Please do not park on them in any circumstances.
  • The mirror near the well at the end of Tokers Green Lane allows cars exiting the lane to see oncoming vehicles.  Please do not park in front of it.  
  • The pavements on the road leading to the AWP gate again provide a safe walking route for children and should not be parked on.


Be respectful:

  • The New Inn kindly allow parents to use their car park - please ensure you do not park in their staff parking spaces or block people in and if you are staying at school (e.g. to accompany a trip) that you don't park at the pub.
  • Please do not park where you are blocking a driveway - it is not reasonable to expect our neighbours to put their lives on hold twice a day to accommodate our school.  
  • The car park by the AWP is a staff car park.  Please do not park in these spaces during morning drop off as they are required for staff arriving for work.  Please do not block in staff parking places at the end of the day, as staff may need to leave promptly to attend appointments.

To help with parking, we encourage the use of our school bus and lift sharing - many parents make these arrangements between themselves once they have discovered who lives where; but if you'd like help with this, please contact the school office.