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Year 6 Residential - Woodlands

Year 6's residential trip will be to Woodlands Outdoor Education Centre on Monday 26th February until Friday 1st March 2024.

Woodlands Outdoor Education Centre

Glasbury on Wye

If we are able to, we will update this webpage with updates and sometimes photos whilst we are aware – this is dependent on IT at the centre. 


News from Woodlands

Monday update

We arrived in sunny Wales after a very smooth journey. The first challenge of the week was getting the suitcases up the stairs - it was quite the event! Everyone managed and rooms have now been unpacked and organised.

When we first arrived, the children ate lunch and then they were given a briefing about how things work at Woodlands. After a quick turn around, all groups met their instructors outside for some team building activities. There was some fantastic cooperation and problem solving skills on display. We were blessed with beautiful sunshine too!

Once these were completed, the children were kitted out for the week and then had time to arrange their rooms (some interesting wrestling took place with bedsheets and duvet covers but all beds are now made).

The children are due to meet before dinner shortly and then, after our meal we will be heading outside for a night walk.

To quote one student already 'Woodlands is the best and it is only day one!"

Best wishes

Mrs Watkins, Mrs Wilson and Mrs Potter

Tuesday morning update

A great first night - no tears just lots of tired smiles. After a fabulous night walk followed by cake (thank you so much parents) the children settled well and had a good first night. Looking forward to a day of low and high ropes including the climbing wall.

Tuesday evening update

What an incredible day we have had.  All the children took part in the high ropes course, the climbing wall and the zip wire on site.  There were lots of nerves but also so many encouraging words to each other.  Everyone challenged themselves within their comfort zone and some people exceeded their expectations.  The group were delighted to be completed with the arrival of Issy and the dorm inspections showed some excellent housekeeping.

The children enjoyed a hearty breakfast, packed lunch and hot dinner tonight.  The first showers have been taken successfully and so far the lost property is at a minimal.

Tonight the children will be enjoying a spot of orienteering around the grounds in groups before (we hope) a reasonably early bedtime.

We are incredibly proud of all the children; we are loving seeing them blossom and support each other and they really worked hard on digging deep and being resilient today (which was the plan for the day).

Wednesday update

We have had another wonderful, fun-packed day at Woodlands. Both groups went caving today. The experience was really once in a lifetime - we had the opportunity to learn about the caves, squeeze ourselves through small spaces, assist each other taking it in turns to be leaders and cheer each other on when we struggled. The sense of achievement and pride today was amazing. This evening's entertainment has been a more advanced orienteering activity in the grounds of the centre. The children are all eating well and sleeping well. We cannot wait for tomorrow!

Thursday update

Another fun-packed and exhausting day - this time messing about in boats on the canal.  Both groups did amazingly well - first they mastered turning and going forward and backwards; then they were off along the canal in pairs.  There were all sorts of highlights of the day - working together, communicating, standing up whilst paddling, limboing under bridges and for a privileged few - falling in!  Half way through, both groups met each other and high fived with their paddles.  At the end of the session, the children played some games in their boats before loading them back up on the trailers.  This evening will be shopping, games and packing.  Tomorrow we undertake our final activity - mountain/hill walking - before having lunch and then heading home in the afternoon.  The week has been an incredible success giving the children a chance to develop and challenge themselves.  We are extremely proud of them all.

Photo Gallery from Woodlands