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School Bus

Our School Bus operates daily, both morning and afternoon, with the majority of children using the bus stops at Chazey Close, Chazey Heath and Rokeby Drive, Tokers Green. 

Children are able to use the service on an ad-hoc basis for example: mornings only, afternoons only or a combination of the two.  Once you have decided what works best for you and your child, please let the School Office know which days your child will be using the School Bus to travel home so he/she can be added to their teacher's bus register.  We understand you may need to make last minute changes to your normal arrangement, which is fine, all we ask is that you inform the School Office before midday (if at all possible) to avoid the disruption of lessons.

This free service is provided by Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) and parents, whose children are eligible, are contacted directly by OCC once a school place has been accepted.

If you have not received details for this service and think you may be eligible, please find below the relevant link to OCC's website:

OCC's Paid Spare Seats Scheme

If you do not qualify for free home to school travel but are interested in using our School Bus, OCC run a paid spare seats scheme you may be interested in.  This scheme gives the opportunity for parents to pay for a seat for their child, on an existing bus route, if spare seats are available.   For further information, including prices and how to apply, please use the link below: